Born in Singapore to a British father and Peranakan Chinese mother, Sarah Benjamin grew up in a multicultural and multilingual environment. She is fluently bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese, and has put this to good use as a freelance translator and interpreter. She also speaks basic Malay and Cantonese. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in Sociology and Politics, Sarah returned to her heart's home, Singapore.

With experience in Public Relations and Marketing under her belt, Sarah joined and won the Food Hero competition organised by the Asian Food Channel and Food Network Asia. Sarah's first show as host, Must Try: Asia, saw her travel around Asia, eating and interacting with locals. Hosting has been a great adventure for Sarah, and she can't wait to continue this whirlwind journey.

A true-blue Singaporean, Sarah loves to cook and eat. Sarah also excels at emceeing food-based events. On top of hosting and cooking on TV, she is an avid food photographer, blogger and Instagrammer. In whatever free time she has left, Sarah plays the cello, writes, travels and learns new languages. Thanks to years of voice training, she also enjoys doing voiceover work.

Sarah's bubbly and bright personality, coupled with her ability to understand and adapt to different cultures and languages, makes her a sophisticated and fun choice for your event.